Pokeballs not showing up from Loyalty Rewards

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Hi,  I was wondering why when I claim the weekly Loyalty Donator Rewards that everything shows up except the pokeballs that I selected, (64 Dusk & 64 Level balls)).  This has been happening since I joined up as a loyalty donator (3 weeks ago). My inventory has plenty of space & I've taken screen shots of  when the stuff comes through. The only pokeball that shows up from the loyalty section is the parkball, the masterball from the regular donator reward also always shows up, it's just the extra 2 stacks that have yet to appear. It's kind of odd that it's just the 2 stacks of the other pokeballs that don't show up, but the parkball does. It's not a big deal or anything, just wanted to mention that this isn't working. Thanks!

It is a known issue. We are currently working to get this one resolved since it effects everyone. There is no ETA so at this time just dont claim that package for now. An Announcement will be made once it has been fixed and we will look into possible compensation for items lost.

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