How to start playing on PixelmonCraft.com

To start playing on servers with the Minecraft Pixelmon mod, you need to install the Pixelmon Reforged modpack.
We are waiting for you in the game!

Pixelmon Server Commands

Trainer Rank Commands:


Puts you into claim mode, allowing you to claim an area up to 128x128 blocks

Allows you to create an area inside a claim with seperate claim flags

/Claimflag or /cf
Shows the claim flag menu in chat, allowing you to alter settings of a claim, for example, Pokémon spawns and fall damage

Shows all of your claims in chat

Shows the claims info in chat

/Claimdelete or /abandon 
Abandons the claim you are currently standing in, returns 50% of the money spent on claim blocks

Allows you to trust others inside their claim

Teleports & Warps:

/Sethome <name of home>
Allows you to set a maxium of 3 private warps inside your own claim or the wilderness

/Setwarp <name of warp>
Allows you to set a maximum of () public warps inside your own claim or the wilderness

Shows you all set homes and can teleport to any of 3 without cost or cooldown

Shows you all available public warps and can teleport to any of the options without cost or cooldown

Allows you to warp to any biome you have visited the correct area for

/Tpa <player name>
Sends a request to the listed player to teleport you to them, this costs ₽500

/Tpahere <player name>
Sends a request to teleport the listed player to you, this also costs ₽500

Accepts the most recent teleport request

Teleports you to a random area in the world you are currently in (Sevii Islands, The Nether, The End, Kanto)

Shows you all of the town/city warps you can use as well as the Crate Villa and TM shop

Utility Commands:

/Cmi Ender
Opens your ender chest, can be used if you put your Magic Bag inside of your Magic Bag

Opens the quest log and allows you to look through active, available, completed and locked quests

Shows you all virtual crate keys you currently have

Shows you the current Pokédollar leaderboard

Shows your current ingame Pokédollar balance

Shows your current battle pass level and allows you to claim rewards (Not yet been updated to reflect the servers needs)

Displays color codes

Shows a more varied set of color codes

Displays a completion percentage of your Pokédex

Ends the battle you are currently in, used for infinite battle glitch

/Evs <slot>
Shows the current effort values of the selected Pokémon

/Ivs <slot>
Shows the current individual values of the selected Pokémon

Shows you any kits you have access to, also shows a countdown to when you can next claim each kit

/Movelist <Pokémon>
Displays a list of all moves the selected Pokémon can learn

/Pay <player name> <amount>
Sends listed player the specified amount of Pokédollars

Opens the PC, this costs ()

/Nv <time>
Gives you night vision for the duration specified

Heals all Pokémon that are in your party, this costs ₽5000

Shows you the server rules

Displays which server you are currently connected to in the chat

Teleports you to Sevii Island's spawn point (Next to Lapras)

Opens the skills menu

Opens a menu for you to dispose of unwanted items

Displays a link in chat to vote for the server, you will receive crate keys as a thank you

Displays how many times you have voted in chat

/Wiki <Pokémon>
Displays stats, abilities, movesets and other information relative to that Pokémon

Ace Trainer Rank

Opens PC, this now costs ₽200

Heals all Pokémon that are in your party, this now costs ₽3000

Displays all relevant information on your current team (Stats, EVs, IVs, Moves)

The item that is currently in your hand will be moved to the helmet slot and displayed on your head

Opens the crafting interface

/Setprefix <Prefix>
Allows you to set a prefix to your IGN

Ace Trainer +

Repairs the item in your hand if it has a durability meter, this costs ₽10000 per repair

Heals all Pokémon that are in your party, this now costs ₽2000