Shader Screenshots

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Here are some screenshots I took:

Few nice ones in there, i modified my shader pack and edited all the light levels until i found them ok.

One more

How do you get the shader pack for this? this is awsome!

To edit the light levels you would need to edit the composite.fsh / composite.vsh files.
Basically you can edit all files and modify any shader pack to your custom needs.

The SEUS packs did not work properly for me, I'm using different packs like MRMEEP and some others but i customized the light levels since i don't find that glow light so attractive.

Yeah but I have Optifine installed as well and that lets you do some basic things with light levels

Have some new screenshots:

Here are some more new ones featuring Pokemon instead of just cityscapes

I really like the swamp and grassland photo with the kangaskhan

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