Pixelmon Auction

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You will have to sort them out with the 500 limit set now then, i'm sorry.

The pixelmon auction is back online guys!

Lemon save me!!!

The auction does not allow me to buy pokes :'(

He is the Godly Soul_Apple, anyone who takes a bite out of him becomes even more powerful then Gods so JUST DON'T TOUCH HIM much less take a bite out of him!!!

Is there possibility to add a filter for IVs and EVs? Maybe do percentages?

Ive been playing pixelmon for a couple months now and just signed up to the forums to use the auction. But when i got on to buy a pokemon it says i have 0 poke coins when i have about 2,000 in game ??

The web auction has been disabled until we are done updating it!

how long before you are done updating?