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hi when will the pokemon auktion be up and running again=

Lemon is thinking about implementing either that again or an in game auction. Nobody is able to tell when, only Lemon can. You can always message him on discord.

I was wondering the same thing. An in-game auction System would be cool also. Make it easier for people to sell boss drops etc. Maybe have it pop up in chat. Hypercat13 is auctioning a MasterBall for 200PD for 60 seconds. Then when people bid It will say Lemon has bid 250PD then Player has bid 300PD and so on till the 60-second timer has ended


Would be too spammy imo

but still the pokemon auktion was the best way to start breeding and sell the pokemons with wrong ivs


The auction on this site was almost perfect but in game that auction system would too much

Ticket Closed. Issue Resolved.