Gymleader Application

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Ingame Username: ChombosPugGamer
- First Name: (or what you'd like to be called) Chombos
- E-mail Address: [email protected]
- Date of Birth: (DD/MM/YY) 28/8/2006
- Country:U.S.A
- Time Zone and UTC: (ex. Central Time Zone or CST, UTC -06:00) EST
- Gym Type of Preference (Rock/Water/Electric/Grass/Poison/Psychic/Fire/Ground): Ghost Elite 4 type gym
- Are you active on the kanto/main server? Yes, It is my main pixelmon server.
- Experience. How long have you been playing? (Pokemon, Pixelmon, PixelmonCraft) I've been playing on pixelmoncraft for around 6 months most likely. Pixelmon in general maybe a couple years.
- Availability. What time frame can you usually be found online ingame? Any time, I am bored I will normally come on and sell stuff at my shop or do battles.
- Motivation. Why do you want to be a gym leader? I want to be a gym leader because of all the cool things they do. I would love to have my very own gym and it would be amazing.
- Merit. What makes you stand out from other applicants? I would try my best and do my best. I love the community and im really active. I could be inactivate for special events in my  real life (Projects,Extra homework, Family Gatherings ect.) I really want to be a Gym leader and climb the ranks of the community to becoming well known and trusted.
- Questions or Concerns? Do you have any recommendations from anyone in staff? If so, who? Unfortunally I dont have any recommendations that come to mind but i hope you can understand.