Who has the best idea to improve votes for the server?

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I am thinking of reducing the amount of vote sites to only the sites that are important and we shall introduce crates and keys to be airdropped randomly in the server and by voting. What do you think that should be inside of the crates? Name your items/reward and rarity and state your reason why.

~ Lemon

you can do like the alpha packs on Rainbow six siege, a crate that contains shinies but you divid them by uncommon/ common / rare / ultra rare / and legendary for example. you ofc have a higher chance to get the commons and uncommons then the rare's and legendaries.


Just a idea

Pokemon, battle items for Pokemon like leftovers would be nice since there is not many in the economy, and like the old jackpot maybe a rare chance to get a bit of money?

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

I think that we should add a rolling system so when u open a create u get to roll once and you can get more keys to open other creates that contain better stuff or that if the player rolls its more fair to everyone, also make the prize better than just 10pp and 25pd cause that is worth not much so make it that you can get vote keys and with vote keys you can open creates like what I said above. And also add some special creates that you can only get threw buying it on the online store and out of those creates you can get different things such as keys for battle items or key for legendary pokemon and stuff like that. :)

That way Lemon can make cash more. (if my idea is actually added in game plz have a sign saying it was my idea :3)

just a thought :P

He is the Godly Soul_Apple, anyone who takes a bite out of him becomes even more powerful then Gods so JUST DON'T TOUCH HIM much less take a bite out of him!!!

We really don't need crates on the server, especially if they include any store bought ones, I would just keep it simple and increase the rewards for voting so with fewer vote sites you still get a bit more than out current 14, maybe add a small chance for a legendary or maybe even if you get x amount of votes you can claim some one off rewards.

With Pokeloots becoming disabled due to a bug, the only way to get battle items is ether through crafting or bosses. I think that adding battle items like Dark said would help the server by adding more of these to the economy.


Maybe if someone votes for the server in 7 straight days, they get some kind of rare candy reward, to help the non-donators with leveling their Pokemon

Maybe add like a crate like system, when someone votes they get a crate, maybe an enchanted chest will do as the item, then when they right click the crate they get a random prize. Cool thing about them is they can be traded/sold on the server.