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I have noticed that there have been a lot of player shops, but two things have occurred. One, many shops have been run down, so many items that could be in use are no longer available. Two, there has been a lot of scams and misunderstandings in trading items for money. A fix I think would be to give players the mod that allows them to put buy and sell signs on chests. This way, all the items are secure and easy to buy and sell, and people who don't play anymore can still sell their items to players in need. 

This has been suggested before and never for anywhere. The simple fix is just use the Pixelmon Item Auction. It was made for safe trading, and is the simplest way.

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With the Plugin we currently use it is possible to put anything on the lines 2 & 3 of the Sign. This means that you may put wrong information about the item you are selling. This would obviously be abused. Nope, this will not happen.

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I've been on many servers before for example: Prison. People often tend to scam with the signs which is actually a thing believe or not. You can make things like where there is a sign that you can't reach and see that it has: Buy *example* 1 Masterball 20PC. When you get to the side that you can reach you will not be buying that Masterball, most likely either a stick or dirt for like 5000$ instead. Yes they do tend to go inactive but so has many other buildings, creations, and what not so the only way to get rid of them is to refresh the server which will just start the same thing over again and get repetitive. But yes like Maddie said stick with the item auction, safest and best way possible. 

Denied. But please keep making suggestions ^_^

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