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So basically I have a friend that started before me and my goal is to beat him in pixelmon. I am trying to get a good team and stuff and I want all my pokemon a suprise, but the problem is that whenever I catch a pokemon, Prof. Oak keeps saying it out load and my friend sees it. Sometimes having that is good but I think we can at least have a Command that turns off Prof. Oak to talk about your pokemon and stuff. I am not sure if there already is a command  for this but I am just going to ask to make it possible.

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Pretty sure that isn't going to happen. It can still be a surprise to show what you've done with the Pokemon you've caught, though.

I agree with you but it does show if someone captures a pokemon.

This is just an idea but could you both turn off the chat if you did not want to see what each other caught?

But my friend refuses to and he wants to know what my pokemon is.

perhaps catch pokes when he isn't on? maybe try catching pokes you won't use with the ones you do to keep him/her guessing. maybe even try trading pokes with other players, no trace for that :P


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or .... assassinate prof oak

My advice is just catch it when there not online:p


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Three things: Firstly, even if we had a command to turn Oak off, your friend would obviously not use it if he wants to know your Pokemon. Secondly, it would take way too much effort for something that is not really needed. Last but not least you should see the positive side of your friend being able to see the Pokemon you have. You can catch more than six different Pokemon and confuse him with the choices you make about which ones you actually will use in battle. 

Thus your suggestion is denied. 

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To make it fair, how about you look at what he catches?

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Also, he doesn't know your move sets so....

True but he knows the type, and also confusing him may not work because my friend knows that I am going to choose the good pokemon. Also I meant turning off prof.Oak from talking about my catches and stuff. But Olinite I agree maybe we can make a command for that when there is nothing else to do. So when you have no other things to make and stuff, you can try to add it.

Quoting Olinite: "it would take way too much effort for something that is not really needed."  Even if there was spare time, there is no point in making the command for one request. It is illogical to create a command that wouldn't be used by a vast amount of players. And as already stated by RazerIceman, why not trade amongst people so your friend will not know the pokemon you have? All in all, there are other ways to build a team than catch. Maybe consider breeding, or buying off the Pixelmon Auction.

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