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                                                                   What is this?

     Welcome to what I am making as today a RMT forum for PixelmonCraft! Inspiration of this forum came from the official RMT forum on the Smogon website. The purpose of this forum is so that I can attempt to help the players whom are currently in the midst of building a team, but do not know where to start, what to change, or just want someone else’s opinion on what they built as a little final thumbs up on the team. This team is not for those whom simply want to share their team with other as a sense to brag their accomplishments, but as a way to help players get better in their team building abilities by receiving the opinion from others whom are noted to be exceptionally skilled in the area of Pokémon.

                                                           Why do you want to do this?

     If you are on the server’s TeamSpeak, or have talked to other players of the server who dabble more into the competitive battle side of the server, then I have been told that my name is always one to come up when talking about skilled players. Along with that, I receive at the least 2 team building questions during the weak, but more than likely I receive more than just 2.  Though, I am not coming to you all and saying that I am good in any way, I am simply offering my assistance to those who wish to take it. Recently, it seems that with the chances of updates becoming more-and-more apparent, people are wishing to create teams using the new Pokémon or finding ways to counter said new Pokémon while staying unique. I wish to offer my knowledge in the game to you all, along with a few friends, in order to help you get better at Pokémon than you were yesterday.

                                                                 How will they be rated?

     Teams will be rated on several criteria that come into play when using and making a team. The criteria are as followed:

  • Aesthetics: How well the team looks on paper? Is it a good idea? Is it a pleasing team to look at?
  • Creativity: Are you jumping on the Meta-Wagon, or are you actually using creative 'mons or sets?
  • Coverage: How much coverage does your team have across types, both defensive and offensively?
  • Dedication to Type: Hyper-Offensive, Stall, Balance? Are you staying true to the kind of team you're making? (Will explain the archetypes below)
  • Details: How much information did you provide us on your team? (Move set explanations, why this Pokemon, etc.)
  • Team Synergy: Does this team work together well enough to counter each others' checks?
  • How it works with its threats: After listing what Pokemon are a threat to this team, how well did you build around to make them as little of a threat as possible

                                                             Who will be rating my team?

     The list of raters shall be edited as we get more approved rating. The current raters are as followed:

  • iQuantumCraft (Showdown Name(s): Valiantly, Valitest, and Ducklett Squad)

                                                              How can I submit my team?

     Those who weren't scared off by all of the words to read up on this thing I'm doing, and still wish to post a team, just make a reply to this forum using the following format to get your team rated. Those who don't use the format will be ignored, and have their post removed


     To get your team's import like this, just go to this link http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/teambuilder , make your team, and once it's done copy the import and paste it here. Along with submitting your team on this forum, there are a few questions that would need to be answered with the team, just so we know what we wanna build for. The questions are as followed: 

  • If you had to choose up to two pokemon on this team that you absolutely MUST have on this team, what are they?
  • Would you rather this team be Hyper Offensive, Stall, or Balance?
  • What would you name this team? What kind of spunky label could be slapped across it?
  • Do you have TeamSpeak so I can help you build this team live?
  • If yes, do you have a mic? (A mic is not necessary)
  • Is this team for pixelmon, or off pixelmon?
  • What're you trying to accomplish with this team?

The teams should be placed into the spoiler brackets to save from post stretching.
     Once a team has been looked over by a rater, he/she shall post your team 'report card' to give you their rating, and any changes they believe should come along with the team. The report card will follow the following format: 


For Raters

For Submitters



     If you've made it this far in this forum, then I congratulate you and I look forward to helping you fix your team for the better. Good luck!


                                                                          Team(s) Pickup


Need help with making a team? Check out my RMT forum: www.pixelmoncraft.com/forum/topic/4755!

I know this thread is kind of old, but I've recently acquired an actual Pokemon game (Pokemon X, feel free to add me) and want to start breeding competitive teams, so without further ado, here's my team.

Updated team but keeping original because I'm not funny enough to come up with new jokes.