Pixelmon Competitive Tiers

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These are the Pixelmon specific tiers for competitive battle, with the links to the official Smogon tiers for reference. Thanks to Quantum, Smushi, and fallingturtle for their help in making these.










Will you be hosting the tournament?

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Maybe, it's still in the idea stage

UPDATE: I will be hosting a tournament in the next few weeks and it will be based off of these tiers, so now is the time to make your arguments for any pokemon to be promoted/demoted. The first one will probably be a UU or lower tournament, to encourage creativity.

count me in

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Error- Aerodactyl isn't OU in BW it's RU and XY it's UU 

Nvm Competitive Use ;) *EDIT*

With Spikes broken its hard to argue that Mamoswine/Skarm/Cloyster/Foretress/Tentacruel/Donphan or other spikes / Toxic Spikes / Stealth Rock / rapid spin users deserve their places in their tiers for the tiem being. And with Chansey/blissey's competetive moveset being almost completely unobtainable in Pixelmon one could argue that they arent worthy of being OU and UU respectively.


I'm sure there are others but those stand out to me.

These tiers were made with the post-1.8 metagame in mind, therefore all of the aforementioned issues will be fixed

Mamoswine and cloyster still works ^

Hey, I realise this thread might be a bit old, but isnt it a bit difficult to apply smogon tiers to pixelmon? After all, pixelmon is missing a lot of pokemon, some moves, abilites and held items. Some are broken. For exampe, the exlusion of entry hazards at the moment changes the metagame tremendously and would make some pokemon rank much lower and others quite a bit higher.

It might be a fun side project to host a ladder with an elo system (basically a league).  This should be possible with a relatively simple plugin (that is unlikely to interfere with any other mods/PIs)  With such a plugin you could also keep track of which pokemon are used the most (which is the basis for the OU tier for example). This way we could make our own ruleset and pokemon tiers to keep competition balanced. And it would basically create some nice fights for the more competetive players on the server (so gyms wouldnt be the only organised competetive fights).


These tiers were made with the limitations of pixelmon in mind, the smogon tiers were just provided as a reference point. 

Tier Changes (as of Pixelmon v. 3.5 Legacy )


New Entrants to Uber


​New Entrants to OU


New Entrants to UU


New Entrants to RU


New Entrants to NU

I agree with the changes