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Heey pixelmoncrafters,

If you've been following the suggestion forums you know we'll be making a beginners guide book. I would like your idea's on what should be in there (including details pls).
Formatting in the book won't be a problem, since we can use colors and other font options. As long as it's text.

Please leave a comment below, all feedback and suggestions are appreciated ;).


at least say how to shoot a pokemon i get everyday the question how do i use my pokemon

Include how to claim land and how to get the golden shovels (big problem on Planet) with the /shop --> freebies --> golden shovels. What would be possible is a starter kit that includes golden shovels like we have it on Kanto. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's a starter kit on Planet.)

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Sidenote: There are kits on all servers now. I think I placed it at the pokecenter on planet.

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Include basic commands such as teleporting to other players, searching for new land, how to claim and delete claims, how to use pokemons (like pressing r and stuff). Maybe we could also put links in the book to redirect to more broad topics like crafting on the forums?

How to make solid proof of pokeloss and item loss, I know there is a post about it, but maybe a link to it?

Also there should be a link to the rules like "read the rules here: ..."

How to claim freebies on the shop.

How to get pokecoins (many people ask about that)

A link to the prefix guide.

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1. Descriptions of the differences on each server so players can choose their favorite ones to start on - i.e. Kanto has gyms, Hoenn has hostile mobs etc. (Slinced has a post somewhere with this info.)

2. If there will be links, a link to the How our Staffteam Works post.

3. How to apply for PokeHelper and Gymleader.

4. Basic commands (/tpa, /warp, "r" to throw a pokemon, /ticket create, etc.)

5. How to get coins, how to set warps, what points do: a guide to using the web shop.

/warp craft for kanto i will also be adding another build explaining iv/ev and items so on!

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I would imagine that this book would only contain official warps owned by the administrators, not unofficial ones.

Advanced pokemon battling? And maybe breeding, ivs, evs

This is a beginners guide, and IV breeding doesn't seem like something that can be completely included in a begginer's book.

Sry :P