Why PixelmonCraft truly is the best server

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Hello! Today I would like to discuss a very important subject. Why PixelmonCraft truly is the best server. You may not notice it, but if you think about it, PixelmonCraft truly is the best server. Although there are many problems, the obvious lag problem, but think about other servers and how laggy they are. Below I am going to go through what is so good about this server.

Just remember this is all based on my opinion, but I'm sure you will all agree with what I'm going to say. Also, I have tried to make this post 2 or 3 times; me accidentally deleting them every time, hoping I won't do it this time, and if you are reading this, I obviously haven't!

Warning: I don't want absolutely any comments saying this thread has already been done, this is a new, updated topic, quite different from other threads.

So this all just proves how good PixelmonCraft truly is. Finally, before I end the post, I would just like to give a ginormous thanjs to the Staff, and for everything they have done to help this server. Also, I would just like to say that I love PixelmonCraft, so if you have absolutely anything to say about anything to do with PixelmonCraft, post below, I am interested!


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Moderators and higher, eh Maddie? What about us :P

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