Changing the Mega Stone Crate

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So, I'm sure everyone knows that the mega stone crate is useless, as mega stones aren't that hard to get, in the pokemart, other players, bosses, etc. They are super abundant and can be obtained easily. I think maybe we should change the mega stone crate to something else, or add some stuff to it.

If we change it, here's what we could make it:

A battle items crate, as they aren't as abundant and can't be crafted anymore.

An upgraded bottle crate, basically a bottle crate but the rewards can be better, like instead of 1-2 random shinies, you get 3-4. basically doubling the output of a bottle crate.

Or we could add some stuff to it, such as other keys for bottle crates or a key for a legend crate.

I'm saying this because these crates aren't easy to get and their reward isn't worth it, only ways I know of getting them are Donator and Loyalty Donator Monthly's, which to be fair, a megastone a month is really inefficient in the first place, the other way, voting, is fair for a megastone, but people would want a bottle crate instead, and if they wanted a megastone, it would be easier to just buy it, then having a 1/47 chance of getting it in a crate.


Good Idea , i also thought that mega crates are kinda useless . We need a replacement :)

 I find myself in need of diamonds and enchantment books a lot of the time and i dont think those would ever be not useful. maybe alongside other chances to get PD and Points. 

I agree the Mega stone crate should be changed.

I don't agree with it being an upgraded Bottle Crate. It would make basic Bottle Crates redundant and variety is always better. Battle Items seem to be a fair alternative, with a chance at higher value keys.

I dont know about battle items, I dont think anyone needs 10 choice scarfs, but diamonds and enchantments however could be real useful for people.

Closed For Future Reference. This may be a possibility in the future.