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Hello Pixelmoncrafters!

Are you a decent Builder and wish to help the server out? To submit an application you must send an email with the information below to [email protected]

What is the Build Team?

The Build Team is a group of awesome people that work on official builds for our servers. We build maps for Events, the official towns and official buildings. One of our most recent works is the Hall of Fame (/hof) on the Kanto server. We have our own server with Creative and WorldEdit to make the best out of our builds. The Builder rank is just for the Build server, while you will keep your current rank on our main servers. Therefore, it is possible to be a Gymleader / Pokehelper and Builder at the same time. 

Things we require of you:

  • Must have builds on our servers that we can see as examples of your abilities.
  • Must be able to speak/type English fluently.
  • Be able to communicate well with other players.
  • Be able to work with other builders as a team.
  • Be active and have an account on our forums.
  • Be active on Teamspeak 3.

Things to include in your application:

  • Your full name.
  • Your minecraft username.
  • Your age.
  • Which server you have builds on.
  • Any warps to your builds or co-ords of your builds so we can look.
  • How long you've been playing on our servers.
  • What is your favorite build on our servers?
  • What is your favorite personal build on our servers?
  • Do you have any previous experience building in a minecraft build team?
  • What made you want to become a member of our build team?
  • What are your building strengths using one of the words below?
    • Aesthetics, Detail, Exterior, Foundation, Interior, Landscaping, Lighting, Project Lead, Redstone, Skybuilding, Structuring, Underground
  • What times you are available.
  • What timezone you live in.


We take our application process very seriously, and ask that you do as well. Make it look as if you are applying for an actual job. Please do not send your application as an attachment or file. Please enter it as plain text and make sure it is easy to read (i.e. no bright colors)


We will try to send a reply within 14 days. Did not get a answer? Then you can assume you are not accepted. People who do not get a reply within 14 days may ask the Build-Manager or an Admin any queries they have concerning their application. (This includes "did you get my application" questions and "why was I not accepted", etc.)

You may reapply with a revised application if yours has been denied.

Thank you for showing interest in our build group project.​