About Sign Shop Plugin

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I have noticed that the Sign Shop Plugin is installed, but ofc disable for all users. So i have my "auto shop" (redstone and hoppers), but is really slow, hoppers work really slow.


My question is: is there a way to get perms to use sign shop plugin ? Maybe donation ?

or You have plans to activate it soon ?


I saw this plugin on other servers (not only pixelmon servers), and i can't see any problem of abusing.

Thank you!


EDIT: I read the problem with this plugin, the owners of the signs can wirte "Fossils" and then pay "dirt" for example... ye is a problem.. but i think there can be a solution. And now more and more people are making redstone auto shops, this will lag the server more.

You don't understand that we do have experience with these plugins and found enormous mistakes in these plugins before. Also take in consideration that any addition will take up resources and that we focus on good scripted plugins.

The linked plugin is by far the best shop plugin out there, and practically bug free. I would like to hear about the mistakes you found in the linked ChestShop plugin, as they would be the first I have heard of. The resources by this plugin are so small that it is hardly worth mentioning as a con to it. In fact, the current chat filter (you know, the one that filters out "lag" and is mentionned to be planned to filter out caps) uses more resources than this would. Also, the chat system that decides where messages go (global, trade, or local) also uses up extensive resources. The spam filter also uses up resources, and there are better, less resource intensive ways to go about combating spam.

I am interested in hear about the flaws in that plugin and about the performance consequences that would follow using it. I, too, have extensive experiences with big servers, and have yet to find major flaws in ChestShop. The performance losses will be minimal, and with the addition of the second server, there will be no noticeable differences. 

I don't mean to come off as rude, but I have yet to see any actual evidence for the reasons stated against using a good chest shop plugin. The current one on the server may be junk, but the linked one above fixes all those problems.

Have used it before, it was bugged duplication was possible and scam was occurring. 

Have you tried the newest version? I wouldn't be surprised if the version you tried before was quickly patched. If you put it on a donator only server, and told the donators to try to break the plugin, and there was no issues, i think that it would work out well.