Just want to talk bout a few things

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Okay so i started playing this game like a month ago and it helped me deal with depression cause of all the lovely People i meet Everyday on this server we told jokes poked fun at eachother and had lots of good battles but now the pokemon company has to make my depression worse by destorying a fan game with a flamethrower because its better then what they do recently with pokemon So since this is good bye if pixelmon ever starts up again due to depression i might not even be at my house anymore :( 




They stopped development but that doesn't mean we can't keep our server running, not completely sure what Lemon is going to do yet but it's going to stay up for now.

I know they are keeping the server running its just that i know its gonna die dude regigigas Lost his slow start and he is going on a rampage 



Even if we only knew you for a short time, it was nice to meet you!

Well it seems like the server may stay up So i might just be around trying to be gym leader once in a while