Pixelmon Auction

The pixelmon auction system has been launched which will bring a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins! The pixelmon auctioning costs are temporarily reduced to 0 pokecoins for a promotion!

Gyms are opened once again!

To players new and old, the Pixelmoncraft staff team has some terrific news. Recently, for about three months now, gyms have been down. This combined with the introduction of other servers has made the Kanto server seem a bit lackluster. Well, Kanto has gained back what made it unique in the first place! Official Gyms run by Pixelmoncraft are now implemented on the server once again. That's right, the gyms are indeed reopened.

Pixelmon 3.3.4 Server

Pixelmon 3.3.4 is Released! The breeding update, finally!
We have started a Pixelmoncraft-Beta server on beta.pixelmon.ms

Pixelmon 3.2.9 Server

Pixelmon 3.2.9 is released! The Pixelmoncraft servers are updated to Pixelmon 3.2.9, once you have joined our pixelmon server you can type: /kanto, /johto, /hoenn, /planet or /safari to switch servers. In other news: The direct ip adreseses are working again!