Network improvements

Pixelmoncraft has switched to new and improved servers with more power and a better general network connection to the rest of the world. There is an American/Canadian pipeline and an European pipeline now to join the servers, it is best to join the pipeline closest to your region. 


New gym challenge

Hello Pixelmoncrafters, the level 100 teams are finally here!
As for the people that don't know what I'm talking about, the level 100 teams will provide an extra challenge on top of the normal gyms. They will be our unique equivalent of an Elite 4. 

How do they work?

Pixelmon 4.0.8 Beta Server

You can go ahead and install the latest Pixelmon version and test the ported plugins one by one while we work on getting the new environment ready for updating the other servers.

The world of this server will not be kept but your pokemon will be kept and shall be transferrable. 

You can reach the Pixelmon 4.0.8 Beta Server on

Current available commands:

Command Explanation
/spawn Teleport to spawn.
/sethome [name] Set a home location.
/delhome [name] Delete a home location.
/home [name] Teleport to a home location.
/setwarp [name] Set a warp location.
/delwarp [name] Delete a warp location....

Pixelmon Points

We have introduced an alternate currency named Pixelmon Points, these points can be used for altereing pixelmon data ingame. Nearly all data can be changed and you can earn PP by voting, events or tournaments. You get 3PP for every vote placed on a vote link.

The following commands have become available on kanto:

Command Explanation Costs
/points <command> Tells you how many points you have remaining. -
/ability <1-6> <ability> Changes the pokemon in the party slot given to the specified ability. (doesn't consume the points if it is not possible to set that ability on that pokemon or if you don't spell the ability correctly or it already has the specified ability.